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Stage four. Spread beyond peritoneal cavity. Six months to a year.

The words rattle around in Sarah’s head, refusing to become her reality. She’s only twenty-four and she has everything– a dream job, a cozy house, a loving family... and a terrible secret. Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Sarah feels her world unraveling around her, spinning out of control. The diagnosis comes just two years after her dad died of a sudden heart attack, and just as her sister, Kara, reveals she’s having a baby. Amid the anger, frustration, and fear, she meets an unlikely trio, who, through their own struggles in life, help guide her on a path to acceptance, happiness, and even love. Dying is hard, living is harder, and as Sarah is slowly realizing, the art of dying is learning how to live.
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YA Paranormal/Fantasy

Fordyce Kerrich has a dirty, little secret. He's a zombie - a hybrid zombie, to be exact. For a hundred and thirty years the Blue Dust teen has been on the run. He's been running from the seekers who want to kill him, running from reality, and running from himself. But things begin to change when he meets Krista. Krista's everything he's ever wanted in a girl. She's smart, she's beautiful, and she takes the word 'strange' to an entirely new level. Fearful of telling her the truth about himself, Ford soon discovers that Krista's keeping some secrets of her own - secrets that could change everything. With the seekers closing in, Ford and Krista strike out to discover the truth about the past while carving out the future, and the trust they have in each other is the only thing that's going to keep them alive.  Full length novel of approximately 50,000 words.
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YA Fantasy/Occult

Sixteen year old Mandi just moved into an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Having given up hope of having a social life in the sleepy, strange town, Mandi is overjoyed when she meets Sarah. Sarah is nothing like the rest of the teens in the area. She's beautiful, funny, and has a great sense of fashion - and she also just happens to be a witch. Drawn into the world of witchcraft, Mandi soon realizes it's not all fun and games, and the stakes are much higher than she ever could have imagined.     
Available for purchase on Amazon!

October Moon is an 8,000 word short story and is the first in the series. The next installment, October Moon - The Awakening, will be available soon! 



Young Adult Fantasy!

Two simple words stand between life and death – ‘I promise’. Seventeen year old Gia Smith didn’t realize what she had taken on when she made a promise to her dying uncle, but she was about to find out. The sole heiress to the balance of his estate, Gia is now the owner of an enormous, dilapidated mansion and its remaining contents. While rummaging through the old house, Gia and her step-brother Ben discover an antique mirror hidden away. No ordinary mirror, the glass sweeps them into the Quarter Realms where Gia’s coming was preordained within their written prophecy. Now the Consort, Gia must free the realms of the maniacal Emperor Azazel and restore the rightful ruler to the Ember Realm. If she fails, the catastrophic outcome will affect more than just the realms. It will also alter life on earth. Trapped in the realms until the prophecy is fulfilled, Gia and Ben race against time to stop Azazel from destroying everything in his path to get what he wants. And right now, he wants Gia.

Full length novel of 483 pages. Available on Amazon!